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S2 2014 Clean-up Complete

Please note that the entries from last semester have¬†been edited. You will find only the best blog posts/ interview articles from May 2014. As for the previous 2 years’ entries they are still available, but make sure you refer to the “liked” entries from the editor as examples for your Assessment 3.

I also encourage you to take a look at ALL the only comments/ replies given as they point further to how to make the articles better. Learn from others ūüôā and happy¬†reading!

We will invite you to become ‘authors’ to the blog sometime in Week 10. ~Mel C


9:00 cut off

It is now 9:00 Vietnam time. Anything posted after my entry will be considered late. We look forward to reading your interview articles.

~Mel C

Semester 1 2014

Dear Future Client Managers,

Welcome to Semester 1, 2014! Dung and I are excited to potentially read almost 60 new interview articles from across Saigon and Hanoi this semester.

As you can see there are over 180 articles in this blog since its inception. Feel free to browse through the various entries and see what your peers have to say about client management issues and what they have discovered thanks to a wide array of interview subjects who are experts in their field both locally and globally.

A word of caution though: NOT ALL ARTICLES ARE GOOD EXAMPLES. I have tried to “Like” some of the entries that are recommended and have deleted past entries that didn’t make the CR mark. But it takes time to curate the entries so there are a few that have ‘slipped’ through the radar. If you have any concerns about these examples please send your lecturer an email to confirm if you are looking at a good example.

Alright… make sure you check the task brief on Blackboard for Assessment 3 for particulars of the interview article. Good luck!

~Mel C


Welcome Landon and Dung!

Welcome to Semester 3 2013 Client Management lecturers Landon Carnie (SGS) and Hoang Tuan Dung (HN). I’m not sure if they will be using this blog for their Assessment 3… but nonetheless a big welcome and cheers to new students is in order! I will still be writing blog entries and tweeting on various #servicestories #randomsaigon so I hope to still be part of the conversation. Have a great semester you guys! ~Mel C

3PM cut-off

where i come from 3pm is usually known as ‘the hour of great mercy’… blame it on being a catholic country. did you know that its only the philippines and the vatican who haven’t legalized divorce? anyway that was just a fun FYI trivia to announce that 3pm is here and anymore posts on our class blog after mine is now considered late. thanks for the semester guys, do return to your blog posts in the next 3 weeks to see my on-line comments. ~mel c

Deadline Announcement

Dear Future Client Managers:

The deadline for this semester’s blog upload has arrived. You may¬†submit late of course but penalties do apply (I will be checking edit/ revisions in the Dashboard so there is no escaping that!)

Make sure to re-visit ALL the posts and make comments on everyone’s articles. I will also be giving you immediate feedback online, so do check back on your article. The final mark based on the task rubric will be made available on week 3 of the next semester. Again, thank you for a wonderful semester and enjoy your holiday!

~Mel C


Dear student bloggers,
This is just a note to say that the Jan 4 12noon deadline has arrived and any blog entries posted after this message is now considered late. Good luck in your other exams and projects and please check your blogs in the next 2 weeks to see some feedback online. For the final marks you will have to wait until the start of the new semester and get the marking rubrics from Ms. Hien. An email will be sent to you regarding that as well.

Thanks for a wonderful semester! ~Mel C

Blog Clean-Up

Dear Students and Followers,

In the next few days I shall be editing some of the blog entries from Semester 2, 2012 in preparation for the new semester. Thanks for contributing, but not all entries will be retained.

~Mel C

Blog posting disabled

Dear CM Students,

Thank you for your article contributions this semester. It is now 12:10 pm and I have disabled the blog posting function on our site by changing everyone’s roles from ‘author’ to ‘contributor’. This simply prevents posts from being edited as the deadline for Assessment 3 has now come to pass.

I look forward to reading all the posts. You should try and read your classmates works too and make comments on their insights and hard work. Good luck with the rest of your final requirements and I’ll be sending an email to everyone when you are able to receive marks and feedback for this task.

It was a great semester with you all! Thank you!

~Mel C

Interview List

As mid semester rolls along to signal the last half of our semester together in client management please don’t forget that “the early bird catches the worm.” It is never too early to think about the last assessment for the course. I invite you to post a reply to this entry indicating the following information.

Name of interviewee, company/ agency, topic and perspective of the article (client or agency perspective).

Please re-visit the blog regularly to see what your classmates have posted to avoid repeating/ replicating interview subjects. Topics can be duplicated but interview subjects will have to be on a first “reserved” basis.

[Thanks to Tu for this suggestion]

~Mel C

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