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The articles in this online magazine aim at addressing the current issues of client management in both global and local context. All articles in this edition are written by either the lecturer (the editor) or students from RMIT Vietnam as part of the requirements for the course Client Management. The articles use personal experiences and quotes from original interviews that cover a range of industries that offer/ need the support of client servicing.  This online magazine is made for academic purposes only. If you have any questions or complaints regarding: information disclosure, image copyright, or similar issues please email the editor at and your concern will be addressed as soon as possible.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m glad I come over this blog today. As an RMIT alumni, a WordPress user and a person who looking for opportunities to get in agency world, I find this blog really informative and helpful! Look forward to reading new posts.

    • thanks for following… just note that the bulk of the blog entries from our students will be available every 3 months or so. but on occasion, i will be posting random observations on #serviceexcellence #vietnamservicestories. ~Mel C

  2. from an agency background, I enjoy reading this blog much. Thank you!

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