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Negotiate with client: “Take a condom pledge”

Interviewed by Ha Van Thi- s3425525- Group 1- SGS Campus

“Nowadays, you can do anything that you want—anal, oral, fisting—but you need to be wearing gloves, condoms, protection.” (Slavoj Zizek 2014)

Figure 1. Reproduced from Newgrounds 2011

Figure 1. Reproduced from Newgrounds 2011

The relationship between negotiation and condom use is actually very weird. However, there is a truth that sex needs protection and so does negotiation, which can be explained that people need to wear many masks to protect their right and achieve their goal in a negotiation. That is a little part of what I have got after taking an interesting conversation with Mr. Lai Thanh Binh in a raining day inside his own coffee shop.

Figure 2. Mr.Binh, the author and a corner of Soleil (Taken by the author)

Figure 2. Mr.Binh, the author and a corner of Soleil (Taken by the author)

Mr. Binh is a successful man at very young age. He has great experienced in the art of negotiation by previously working for Sacombank, a commercial joint stock bank in Vietnam. Now, he has become the manager at Soleil Company, which is a franchisor in charge of selling coffee shop franchise following the model of Soleil coffee.

Give client an impressive “foreplay”

Figure 3. Durex play (Taken by author)

Figure 3. Durex play (Taken by author)

An impressive “foreplay” which can reach clients’ demands will not only about the good things of your company or agency. A smart and clever manager has a tendency to talk a little about the positive aspect first, but will pay more attention to the current problems and discuss further about how to deal with it. “When you come to a negotiation, you want to get the problem solved or the suitable cost that leads to win-win situation, not to have more knowledge about what you are trying to bargain for,” Binh assisted.

If you want to have a perfect ‘night’ with your honey, you need to have a good PREPARATION with the accommodation, clothes, perfume, and also the suitable type of condom.

As well as having sex, negotiation requires people to carefully prepare all the relevant and necessary materials to critically debate and response to the client. When he still worked in the professional environment in Sacombank, a negotiation is very stressful because it only lasts in three days due to the information privacy. There is one time that his team was narrowly sued by the client because of the wrong data in the given file, which was not checked carefully before the negotiation day. After being threatened, his team had to work all the night to find out the evidence proving that his company did not intently cheat them and this problem happened due to the lack of preparation. Therefore, preparation is a good way to protect your company from many dangerous risks.

You like Okamoto, Sagami or Durex

Figure 4. Condoms (Taken by author)

Figure 4. Condoms (Taken by author)

If you want to experience a perfect night, a good understanding about the partner is necessary, so does negotiation.

Mr. Binh maintained that when he managed his new company, this factor is the key point in creating a win-win situation. People come to Binh and ask for a coffee franchise with different concerns besides profit. Once you have known about them, you can come up with the influential factors, which can impact on their decision.

You can exaggerate your own brand to persuade client to buy it with high price, but if you want to have a sustainable relationship with them in 10 or 20 years, you need to be sincere, truthful and care about their needs first.

 Negotiate with client likes have sex with your lover

 During the interesting interview with Binh, there are a lot of things not including in this paper because I see it can be inapplicable in Communication industry. So, negotiation is a professional bargain, which aims to not only sell the product or service, but also climb to the trusted partner of relationship ladder. Good preparation, sincere attitude and thorough understanding clients are useful tips for Communication student in the future. Binh talked at the end of our conversation,

Don’t spend much time learning by heart all the things you study in school. I can guarantee that those theories are useless, because negotiation is a skill, which needs to be practiced as much as possible to improve. 

Word Count: 706


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2 thoughts on “Negotiate with client: “Take a condom pledge”

  1. Overall, good insights to a very specific topic. Good examples from his past and current job. Interesting metaphor, the theme is relevant. Might need a little tone down though, it tended to go overboard :-). Some questions:

    1.) Grammar check, “I see it can be inapplicable in Communication industry.” Or did you mean it is “applicable”.
    2.) Is the last quote from him? It is unclear.
    3.) Proof of life?

    ~Mel C

  2. proof of life too small, and the two of you are not ‘together’.

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