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Semester 1 2014

Dear Future Client Managers,

Welcome to Semester 1, 2014! Dung and I are excited to potentially read almost 60 new interview articles from across Saigon and Hanoi this semester.

As you can see there are over 180 articles in this blog since its inception. Feel free to browse through the various entries and see what your peers have to say about client management issues and what they have discovered thanks to a wide array of interview subjects who are experts in their field both locally and globally.

A word of caution though: NOT ALL ARTICLES ARE GOOD EXAMPLES. I have tried to “Like” some of the entries that are recommended and have deleted past entries that didn’t make the CR mark. But it takes time to curate the entries so there are a few that have ‘slipped’ through the radar. If you have any concerns about these examples please send your lecturer an email to confirm if you are looking at a good example.

Alright… make sure you check the task brief on Blackboard for Assessment 3 for particulars of the interview article. Good luck!

~Mel C



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