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By Khau Nguyen Du Linh (s3373522)

From this time, there are no ‘fighting back’, ‘shouting out loud’, ‘acting fiercely’, ‘being scared’ or even ‘having cold face’ words in a dictionary of a professional, lovable account executive anymore. ‘Thus, you don’t need to be a ‘gladiator’ – account executive but still attract your client positive feelings by boosting your ‘magical’ emotional intelligent.’ – said Ms Mai Lam – Account Manager of DDB Advertising Agency.


We first met in a friendly, cosy DDB’ office with modern design, Ms Mai come up as a petite, lovable young lady who always smile and be ready to share about her job. Ms Mai Lam has been working as an Account Executive at DDB agency since she was an intern. Recently, she has become an Account Manager in this December after only three years.


Figure 1: Provided by Ms. Mai Lam

Rules no.1: Be a PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATOR ‘from thinking to action’

You have to understand your client – his or her type of person through their emails, their outfits, their chosen media tools to communicate that you will find appropriate way to communicate to them, to say what things they want to hear and to treat them well. According to Hull (2013), account executive should show their clients that you are interested to meet them and willing to learn more about their product in the meeting. Consequently, they might feel your respects and will have more energy to share their product with you in a friendly environment.

Rule no.2: No SMILE, no money


Figure 2: Reproduced by Flatt 2013

Always keep a smile on your face and gentle actions in every word you use to your client. Not only just Creative team are sensitive, but also your clients are sensitive as well. With a smile, client will believe that you are open-minded and cheerful (James 2009).According to the Guardian Professional (2013), it makes your client feel valuable and they will have a positive impact about your agency. In additions, showing your smiles is one of the most important interactions that can overcome gender, race, and position’s barriers (Guardian Professional 2013).

Rule no.3: Clients are NOT always RIGHT


Figure 3: Reproduced by Newmediaandmarketing 2012

As an account executive, you should be aware that ‘the account executives are not messengers from the agency to the client and in return but we are represented our agency to give them best advice, best promotional strategy to their product. Clients are just normal people, they can make mistakes.’ – Ms Mai Lam determinedly said. However, when you client makes mistakes, account executive should stay calm and be patient. Hence, ‘before saying what you think, say what you know’ which is based on facts like numbers, data that you have done in previous research (Solomon 2008). As the account executive, you should do more research that you could learn more about their product, their company culture and have more evidence to persuade them to follow your ideas.

Rule no.4: Increase FRIENDS; decrease enemies

Meeting with client is not participating into a fight. And they are not your enemies either, so you don’t need to be a bitchy one. Not only attracting client positive feedbacks about you and your team young lady – account executive should keep long-term relationship with them; you have to treat them as your friends, your colleagues to give them sincerely advice that they can achieve the best result. ‘You should know that they are just employee in their company, so they have to follow their boss offers to keep their jobs. We used to work with kinds of clients and they become our friends later on’. Ms Mai Lam laughed.

 2013-12-26 15.55.42

Now, you have known four powerful tips to attract your client’s interest about you as well as your agency at the first meeting. Let practice and you will see magical results. Finally, please remember that, you don’t need to be a bitchy lady to be an account executive. There are many ways to win your client’s hearts without acting fiercely.

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