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“Better be safe than sorry” – That’s the key lesson that Ulyana Lutseva advised students on how to create harmony between creative team and account team.



Why is the harmony between creative and account team important to the success of a company? Since the opening in Vietnam, Leo Burnett Vietnam has achieved many successes in the creative industry. It’s created many advertisements that not only won big prizes such as “Agency of the Year” from Campaign Asia but also satisfied the needs of big clients leading to stable client retention from Protect & Gamble, Tiger and Pfizer. All of these results are thanks to the harmonious collaboration between creative and account team.


A picture of Ms.Ulyana and me – taken by Vesper Diep Truong 

Ulyana Lutseva – the Account Director of Leo Burnett Vietnam, and I had an interesting discussion about how Leo Burnett Vietnam has created the harmony between creative and account team. She said that working with creative people is not like what students imagined in the college because when you are in college, students are just mainly taught about how to get conflicts solved but courses seem to forget to teach you how to not let conflicts happen. An account person should put priority on knowing how to build strong relationship with creative team rather than studying how to solve conflicts and compromised with creative team.

Treat creative team like they’re your friends, not your colleagues.

One of the creative team job’s requirements is generating ideas, which is strongly affected by their emotion. Instead of keeping reminding them about deadline as a colleague, an account person should care the mood of creative team in order to push their working ability. For example, instead of just doing some formal actions like saying hello like colleagues, why don’t account person bring to creative people their favorite drinks to their table in the morning, asking them to join in a hang out. Always remember: “Be the one that you want to be friend with”. By becoming friends of creative people, they’ll more likely to understand the work of account team and avoid unnecessary anger with account team as well.

Always learn as if you were to live forever.

An account person must have a strong knowledge regarding to account stuff such as creating creative brief and dealing with clients. An account person must have a clear overview of what they have to do to help creative team generating ideas. For instance, account person must know all clients’ insights and requirements before creating and giving the creative brief to creative team. Then, these creative brief would help creative team much easier to generate ideas.

And if it is possible, an account person should take a basic courses on Photoshop and try to get basic knowledge about the principles of compositions; picture layouts so that account person would be able to know which feedbacks that clients give is possible for creative team to execute. This would help to avoid those impossible ideas from clients that would make creative team underestimating the role of account team.

Working effectively with clients.

This is one of most important factors affecting to the relationship between creative and account team. If account team just receives feedbacks from clients without challenging, it would be really difficult for creative team to take over these feedbacks.  It means that whenever account team receives feedbacks from clients, they should ask clients why they give these feedbacks. If the clients are wrong, persuade them to believe this is the best layout for them. If the clients are right, at least account team can give constructive feedbacks for creative team to improve the previous idea. Thanks to this, the creative would appreciate the role of account team because you actually help them on their jobs.

Thanks to the interview, I learn that it’s true that by walking in creative team’s shoes, it would help the flow of work between creative and account team much more harmonious rather than just doing the role of an account team.

Interviewed and Written by Do  Quang Hai (s3410126)


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