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By Pham Nguyen Nhat Tien (s3372992)

In this Creative industry, people everywhere always talk about how to maintain the relationships with your clients. But they rarely talk about how to get those clients while I think, it’s even more difficult than keeping them” –said Ms. Pham Diem Trang –owner of the young and small agency called “Coffee Studio”.


Ms. Pham Diem Trang – Director of Coffee Studio agency

I met Ms. Trang in a cozy day at a coffee shop in District 7. My first impression was that she looked a lot younger than her age and her position. With a friendly smile and a little chit-chat, she began our conversation when I asked her what she thinks is the most difficult in working with clients –“The hardest thing is not how big the treasure is, but how to find it. Same as clients”- she claimed.

Ms. Trang has been working as a designer and a Creative executive for many agencies in 6 years, before starting her own company in September of 2013 named “Coffee Studio”. She focuses on designing, digital marketing, PR, event organization, branding and photography –“It might be a little bit ambitious for a small and new agency, but I believe we can make it”- she laughed.

As a new agency, relationships with former colleagues and clients are big advantage. Ms. Trang believes those liaisons are the basic foundation for any new company before looking for other clients. At least, she has already known their interests and point of views. However, it is necessary to be more careful with brand new relationships. “You may find them anywhere in this world: classy networking events, in a fabulous shopping mall, or may be just a small coffee shop in an alley. Don’t be shy advertising your agency, even if it is too small for them. Be a diamond – small, but precious and tough. No one can break you down, but you will help your clients shine.” – said Ms. Trang happily. “Coffee Studio” and Ms. Trang claim to not have “as many clients as possible”, but to have “as best clients as possible”. “We take our product quality, designs and service as a heart we give to a client, in order to get their trust” – determinedly said.  

The Creative industry in Vietnam has been dominated by many foreign agencies, while Vietnamese ones are mostly third-parties for their projects. Therefore, it is even harder to get the trust from clients into new small agency like hers. That is why she chooses different target customers: business starters and middle ones, especially who want need a direction in digital marketing and social media. While all the big agencies focus more on the traditional media, she chooses to concentrate on the new one in which she has most experience. She never underestimates any clients of her, even the smallest one which is just an online clothing shop; because she believes one day she will make it become a new brand of clothing. She said – “It’s almost impossible to fight with giants to get famous clients. Then think of the less famous ones. Think of how to help a person become celebrity, it’s even better than working for a celebrity.

Through our conversation, I found out it is the same between creating an ad and having an agency of your own: targeting the right customers. Do not try jumping to the top of mountain, but climbing day by day slowly to reach it. It takes time to climb, but it takes risks to jump. Like Ms. Trang says, being young doesn’t always mean being adventurous. Moreover, do not just sit there and wait for the clients to come to you. Come to them first; persuade them with your passion and profession, then next time, they will come to you voluntarily.


Ms. Trang and I taking a photo together

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