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In the world of business, any leader have to encounter with change at some point regardless the actively want or not. However, resistance to change is the major problem to organizational change, the reasons are; Belief that change is unessential and not feasible, lack of trust, fear of personal failure or economic threat and so on. Thus, understanding the resistance and use appropriate ways to minimize it is a difficult task that requires effective leaders to implement.Leading change in organization culture is a key and crucial leadership task to help a leader revitalize and instill a new culture in organization. More specific, effective leaders are people who understand the different types of organizational changes, particularly the feature of efficient vision, the improvement in appealing innovation and the sense of motivation (Yukl,2006).

I met miss Lam Nguyen Quynh Anh in my visit Lam Boutique as a shopper. She completely impressed me with her grateful smile and the friendliness. Lam is now working in Lam boutique retailer as the position of a general manager. I could not hold my curiosity about how a tiny, young lady can handle such a tough role in a competitive environment of a fashion industry. “It is about the ability to be influenced in organization culture, prepare yourself the ability to cope with change, that what a leader really do” said Lam.


Figure 1 Quynh Anh Lam in Lam dress, reproduced from Lam’s homepage 2013

Developing a Vision

To Lam, the sense of vision in leadership is an inevitable aspect to become a potential leader. “Wide vision helps me clarify the overview destination of the organization and support the ability to simplify the bunch of decisions I have to make” She said. In fact, the competency of direction-setting  of leadership creates visions that help defining  a business, technology or corporate culture in achieving the company goal (Kotter, 2001).Creating vision firstly to inspire employees, then helps the leader motivate employees to take part in the right direction (Kotter,2001).  If Lam create the company vision that is simple and can be clearly understood, she can motive and align people to the core values of what company is doing : staff development, decision-making or recruitment.”It is important for a leader to create a vision that understandable, realistic and achievable to appeal the action of a wide collection of individuals within company” said Lam

Why Motivation is Important?

It is vital to advocate business leaders applying the sense of motivation into practice. The success of a leader depends on retaining cheerful workplaces.  Changing in organization culture requires the ability to ignite the motivation that requires a leader to read and understand people (Grout and Fisher,2011). “Actually in work we spend most of our time making people feel good about the job they are doing, so they don’t go around with the voice inside criticizing their doing that we consciously build motivation within employees” Said Lam.“To build a change in a consistent company first is to build a comfortable ambience that helps release stress in workplace” Lam shared her experience. Later in internal relationship, the sense of motivation is helpful in solving problems caused by human’s mistake. Understanding employee helps the leader goes beyond the narrow corners to clarify and solve problems thoroughly (Grout and Fisher,2011)

Implementing Innovation


Figure 2 :Model in Lam pyjama shirt, reproduced from ELLE Vietnam, 2013

Leaders are also the people who encourage themselves and employees to apply creative ideas for improving work processes. One way to stimulate the creative idea is to set innovation objectives for individual or teams (Yukl,2006). “I often advocate employees’ activities to help my staff find the time to pursue their ideas for new or improved product or process”. Besides, arranging a special meeting monthly to encourage staffs to discuss new ideas or inviting experts to share their experience about relevant practices or improved ideas are also needed. “There was a time I invited outside consultants to inspire employees regarding creativity in fashion industry. Later on many ideas about changes in company was created, how effective it is” Lam said in excitement.


Figure 3 Reproduced from Pinterest,2013

Staffs who create new idea to promote products or suggest new way to enhance existing service that make a huge change within company deserve appreciation and reward (Yukl,2006). “In company, all employee has right to share their opinion about the product or service and of course they will be obtained recognition a reasonable reward” said Lam .We are working in such a competitive environment, without the creativity in product or service, a firm will be broken. Lam understands that fact and she evoke the practice creativity among employees by rewarding those who do contribute.


Figure 4: Ms Lam Nguyen Quynh Anh and me in Lam Boutique office- Taken by Vuong Han Lam (2013)

“The difficulty is not developing new ideas, but escaping the old ones” (John Maynard Keynes, cited in Grout and Fisher,2011) . To Lam, wide vision, the ability to understand people and the sense of creativity are special formulas that make it easier to implement change in organization. Change is one of the most sophisticated things for a leader to bring about in an organization but it has recognizable progresses to implement successfully if leader knows the way to break the resistance to change of people.In brief, leading to change should never be missed in everyday life of the business.

word counts: 800

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