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The Law of “Intention” – Gravitation and the 3B Principle

How small company “survive” in the Vietnam advertising industry

Figure 1: Small Business. Edit by author.  Source ,

Figure 1: Small Business. Edit by author. Source ,

Almost people have already been familiar with Newton’s famous Law of Universal Gravitation, but do you know that the Intention is also have this gravitation ?

Almost people have already been familiar with many English principle in marketing and communication fields such as 4Ps and 4Cs, but do you know that Vietnamese marketers and communicators in the field also have their own Vietnamese phrase,the 3B principle ?

When student learning reading about working advice from top people in the industry such as CEO, owner, top manger or executive, their advise all sound very interesting and useful. Most of them is trusted immediately, the reason is quite evidently, it is impossible to deny that the position and prestige of the interviewees will ensure value for the tips. Yet this fact may lead to the issue of the accecibility of the advice for student because of the gap between top people in the industry and students, who will take long time to be at the position of the advisor to adapt them. In this blog, I do not dare to question the value of their tips, but, my Intention in this blog is just looking for more practical and approacheble tips for student can adapt right away in the campus or when they have first step in to the industry.

My interviewee I had a chance to talk is Mrs Pham Thi Thanh Tu, a co-creator, a co-owner and a executive of Butchigo Company. It is not neglect to mention about her company working fields, which is photograph and packaging.

miss tu at work

Figure 2: Mrs Tu at her work, edited by author, source: MrsTu’s Facebook

“In the advertising industry, many steps are conduct by many different company. And my company working on two of the step in the advertising industry” she explained.

Then, we started talking about the Vietnam market and competitions in her company field. She provided a very regrettable by real viewer, from the small company:”The market is in the crisis(!)”.”The competition is very fierce and sometimes it’s not even fair” she kept sharing.
“The bad attitude of competition are hurting competitor themselve. They accept to cut down their profit to won the clients, even they are willing to break the market price,especially big companies with strong finance support. As the result, the common price is fall, leads to the suffer of other companies in the industry.”

Quite shock after hearing about that information, I ask her about how her company survive in this flood of decrease price. She said simply: “Two things: quality and relationship”. This point marks with Waller 2004, “The partnership between these two players is key to the success of the advertising process, and so it is important for agencies to properly manage their client’s accounts and provide the smooth running of advertising/promotional campaigns on their behalf”. Whereas quality if the product is quite vital prerequisite in business and not much new, what she sharing about relationship is interesting.

The Law of  “intention” gravitation

From the geinus inovation of Newton, she introduce her own ‘gravitation law’: ”Anyone has the Intention will be attractive by other who has the same Intention”. In this case Intention are understood as the intention of looking for bussiness relationship. From this need, everything we do in day life will have the purpose of look for relationship, even when we relax and hangout, we can still use this time to finding someone who will be helful for business, who she calls “business friends”. Take, for example, going to fairs, we have some fairs to go in free time, with Intention, we will choose the one which can provide best change to meet people we need. Such as she working at packaging and her clients are usually food producer, going to fair of Hang Viet Nam Chat Luong Cao is a good option, she can meet many of her potential customers. This step of gravitation law is very similar with the Convinience of the 4Cs (Long 2009), we need to access the Places which convinience for our customer or clients.


Figure 3: The 4Cs principle. Edited by author. Source:

Eventhough, after having contact and relationship, the other options in the fair list which we skip at first can become a play to hang out with our new business friends. By Intention, we can use all time and change to looking for business friend.images (1)

When I wonder these “business friend” will feel that we are just find them for our benefit, she said that business is the process in which the both side have the needs and the prices. Their also have the same Intention of making ‘business friend’, that why we are attracted and found each other. These people will looking for the same from us,  so it is just a fair relationship. There also have some group of Business friend in HCM City, sometime people need to pay for joining. In there, they are sharing the committed to use mambers’s products or service.

This how we repare and looking for the clients, so what happens next when we meet them? This is the time of …

3B Principle

3B stands for a Vietnamese phrase, which is Bạn – Bàn – Bán, means Making Friends, Discuss, and Sell.

Like 4Ps 4Cs principle in English, the letter stands for the similarities and gathered together into one cluster reminiscent valuable, especially Vietnamese phrase is more interesting for the Vietnamese because these words are sound very similar, just a little difference in sound check.

Secondly, she explained it concept as a process to buil realtionship with a business friend which we found by the “intention” gravitation law. Firstly, let’s become “Bạn-Friend” with them at first. Hang out with them, sharing hobby, and have fun. This period construct the comfortable atmosphere for the relationship, make your busness firend feel less farsighted with you. Then, the time for “Bàn”-Discuss will come when both two feel comfortable and trust. This time when you mention about your company, your services and products related to their business. The finally step is “Bán”-Sell, when you actualy have the contract and do business with your friend.
“When you are friends frist, you have the trust and the opportunities to fix the mistakle”. According to Doyle, Corstjens & Michell (1980) there are many sign of a vulnerable relations between client and agency, which can be advoid if we can talk dicretly about the issue.

“If your are friend, even when your price is higher, they are easier to accept. At least, they will tell you: ”hey, you sell it higher than this guy, so if you decrease the price, I will buy your product”. Because we are friend.” She shared one of her experience.

Figure 5: Proof of live, Taken by the waiter, Edited by author


Mrs Pham Thi Thanh Tu

Phone: 0903336001

Butchigo Company

Words: 1095

Reference List:

Figure 1: Small Business. Edit by author.  Source

Figure 2: Mrs Tu at her work, edited by author, source: MrsTu’s Facebook

Figure 3: The 4Cs principle. Edited by author. Source:

Figure 4: Business friend- who share same Intention will be attractive and found each other. Edit by Author, Source 2013

Figure 5: Proof of Life with interviewee taken by the waiter,edited by author 2013

Doyle, Corstjens Michell 1980. “Signals of vulnerability in agency client relations.” Journal of Marketing, Vol 44 pp18-23.

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Waller, David S 2004. “Developing an account management life cycle for advertising agency client relationships.” Marketing Intelligence and Planning Vol 22 No 1 pp95-112.

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  1. -Edit categories, add byline.

    -Your introduction grabbed my attention. 🙂

    -Great discussion flow but needs more sprinkling of supporting info from academic references.

    -Overall, the article presents very valuable client management terminologies in the local context and how they are similar/ different from the more popular Western conceptual models.

    -However, it would have been good to give specific examples to help explain them based on Tu’s personal experiences in her new business.

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