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What kind of service do you value? This is a question I ask my students when I share with them my learning’s from Ron Kaufman’s book Uplifting Service. In his writings, Kaufman talks about “The Big” picture and identifies four different kinds of experiences customers may value: primary product, delivery system, service mindset and ongoing relationship.

In my almost 5 years of enjoying (or not…) Vietnam’s restaurant and food delivery industry, unfortunately none yet are successful in addressing all the four values I look for. However, one of the few that I can confidently say does make an effort is Al Fresco’s. When I want some pizza delivered this chain has a prominent spot on my speed dial. I would give Al’s an A for effort not always for the primary product or service mindset; but surely for it’s on the dot delivery system and its effort to forge an ongoing relationship with its customers on the phone.

Unfortunately, the past two times my boyfriend and I called-in for a pizza and pygmy rib (yes that’s pork!) delivery they have messed-up our customer card number, issued us a new one, and then forgot to log our information. So when we called again, we had to go through the laborious process of spelling out our (foreign) names and address with a never-ending replay of: It’s building “D”… building “B”?.. No its “D” for dog… oh, ok building “B” right?

Just when I thought we’d had to look for another quick-eat solution… I asked the poor girl attending to my slowly increasing irritability to please pass the phone to the manager. Needless to say, I complained why a long time customer’s data could disappear? And… managed to sneak in a cheeky suggestion. “Maybe you should make my order free of charge.” To which I get a giggly voice on the other end offering, “I want to invite you to the pygmy rib!”

"thanks for the pork, but these drinks will do!"

“thanks for the pork, but these drinks will do!”

I said what does that mean? “I want to invite you to the pygmy rib,” she repeated. What? Free PORK! Did I happen to dial pig heaven? But it was too much I reckoned, and it did seem I blew the incident out of proportion (as I normally do), so I declined the pork… but said yes to some free drinks.

After all, she was trying to mend our relationship. And I didn’t want to break-up with my lazy Saturday companion… there is a value in that surely.  ~Mel C

*Disclaimer: This post is solely for sharing personal service stories experienced by the editor. There has been no sponsorship or promotion received before and after this blog post from the establishment mentioned other than what is stated.

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