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Sweet Service

A strange thing happened to me… I noticed that I had more than two refined sugar packs in my cupboard at home. I usually list down things to buy and don’t usually hoard groceries so I thought maybe I just over shot my shopping. But the strange case of the sugar packs kept haunting me as another pack appeared in a strange place… the bottom cabinet where my gas tank and plastic recycle stash are placed.

Nearly a year after the first incident the mystery was finally revealed! So where did it come from? Surely not Charlie, from the Chocolate Factory nor was it the Sweet Tooth Fairy, but from an unlikely and surprising source. The man who delivered my gas.

A pack to keep you calling back...

A pack to keep you calling back…

It turns out; in every delivery purchase the company gives customers a complimentary pack of sugar. Why sugar? He couldn’t really say as the only English and Vietnamese words we could exchange was limited. But as he methodically installed the rubber pipes and checked my tank for leaks it dawned on me that the answer didn’t really matter.

Living in a country where the concept of delivery can cause an upset stomach with just trying to get food orders correct over the phone; or a case of lost packages even from the most reputable companies, this unexpected gift can bring even the direst of service cynics hope.

Nina Simone, one of my favorite musicians once sang… “I want a little sugar in my bowl; I want a little sweetness down in my soul…” Thank you! Mr. Gas Man (and your company)… for such a simple gesture makes all the difference in this world where every service is costed out and taxed, and favors with no strings attached barely exist.

~Mel C

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Service

  1. nice entry Mel 😀

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