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Going green from the client perspective

Global warming are having numerous negative impacts on Vietnam, from economic, climate changes and even health of the Vietnamese, despite lot of policies have been generated (Granich & Kelly & Nguyen 1993). As the result from global warming, Vietnam is one of the countries that will suffer the most from climate change. Therefore, Vietnam is slowly putting their attention, awareness to the environment protection by reducing the carbon emissions and exploiting from energy saving (Dung 2012). However, not only government is trying to protect the environment but also businesses and organizations in Vietnam have changed their image to become more environmental friendly, especially after the Vedan environmental crisis. Recently, I have got a chance to meet and interview Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thu Hong, who used to be a vice chairman and also a vice general manager of Dong Tam Group Company, to see her opinions and thinking about “going green” issues from the Client perspective.

I invited Mrs. Hong to a dinner for an interview

I invited Mrs.Hong to a dinner for an interview

About DTG and Nguyen Thi Thu Hong

Dong Tam Group is the cooperation of companies which took the manufacturing and trading field of building material and interior decorations as the development platform for the entire system, generating the substantial cornerstone to expand company to other areas. Realizing and studying from the mistake of Vedan in 2008, Dong Tam group has understood that the greener the companies are, the better results will come. In the recent years, Dong Tam Group has made their first moves into green project which is the green city project. Furthermore, Dong Tam also develops workshop in order to train employees to practice living green.

Mrs. HongReproduced from

Mrs. Hong
Reproduced from Dong tam (2013)

Since taking a position as a vice chairman of the Dong Tam Group, Mrs. Hong realize the importance of “going green” project in both economic, brand image and the culture of the organization also. According to Mrs. Hong, it is all started from the trips of her husband to Japan and he totally dazzled by the cleanliness of the city, the fresh of the environment and even more than that, the effective of working conditions and the professional in organizational culture.

Going green from the Client perspective

According to Mrs. Hong, Going Green has made the image of the company become well in the consumers’ and customers’ attitude. Dong Tam Group recently has changed their image into an environmental friendly company so that they are gaining more trust from the consumers. Furthermore, going green also making Dong Tam Group generate new market field. Recently, Dong Tam Group is developing new project which is “green city” in Long An, in which respond to the trend of going green by cooperates. With Mrs. Hong, this is projects has consolidated the imaged of Dong Tam Group.

“Going green” has not only changed the brand, the image of the whole group of companies but also change the organizational culture, from Mrs. Hong point of view. After the business trip to Japan, her husband, the chairman, has adopted the 5S criterion (which is translated as: selection, arrangement, cleanliness, caring, prepared) from the Japanese and most of the criterion are in order to make the company looking greener. By turning the company into an environmental friendly company, the employees somehow understand the advantages, benefits of “going green” and they just adopt the criterion consciously and in a spontaneous way. The easiest and most obvious things that everyone in the company could do is saving paper and recycling thing. That is just a small thing and small activities but it could bring many benefits from both economical and environmental (Tuan 2012). The organization culture of Dong Tam has also been reinforced. The working condition has getting better in which make the employees working more effective.

Mrs. Hong thinks that this is just the beginning of “going green” projects of Dong Tam in particular and also the entire cooperates of Vietnam. However, she implements that there could be thousand of projects, campaigns in which the goals is to protect the environment but the people who participate in the projects, campaigns does not have the consciousness to protect the environment, it will all be useless. For example, The Dong Tam Group could come up with hundreds of saving energy projects but if all the employees of Dong Tam keep wasting the energy and the consumers keep squandering the energy unconsciously, it will just be useless. The most important thing is the education about protecting the environment for not only the young students but also for the elders.

From the client perspective, Mrs. Hong state that going green just like CSR, there will always be more advantages for both the companies and also the society. For the company, they could gain consumer and community trust, generate new market opportunities, increase efficiency and productivity in working, developing trust and loyalty in the employees and also benefits in economic (EMAP 2012). With the society, the community, they could gain many advantages and benefits from the campaigns, projects such as the improvement of education in protecting the environment, better environment. Even though Dong Tam group has just changed the goal of the companies into environmental friendly companies, Dong Tam has also generated new market and gaining trust from the consumer. From the interview with Mrs. Hong, I realize that an agency does not simply making a plan for a client to make them more environmental friendly but the agency has to make they look green also. Moreover, I also understand that doing “going green” projects, campaigns are not only protecting the environment but also could gain benefits for the companies. Hopefully, in the future, more people will realize the importance of “going green” movements.

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  1. Could be nice to see photos of the employees of Dong Tam Group, and the Green City Project to help support interview content. More specific examples of day-to-day implementation of the 5S criterion with references from its Japanese origins could also be useful. ~Mel C

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