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How to meet client expectation?

By  Pham Dao Truc Giang – s3312594

Meeting client expectation is the way people evaluate the quality of client service of one company. That is really important to help company tocreate and to maintain the relationship with clients. Through client satisfaction, people can evaluate the performance of company and take more experiences for next performance.

My interviewee is Ms. Tran Minh Chuyen who is Client Service Director at Matterhorn Communication. She has 8 years of experiences work with clients in PR industry and ready to share with others. She begins to share her experiences with me by a comment“When people wake up in the morning, they want to see something different from the last night. Your client is also. They always hope you can give them new ideas, new strategies to PR for their products” said Chuyen.

She told me that there is a general formula which is always true and people work for client service has to remember: “Customer expectation + Service performance = Customer satisfaction” (Estep 2011)

The formula is composed from many components and the first component, which is mentioned, is managing expectation. Ms. Chuyen emphasized that “managing expectation” is really important to have a success to meet client expectations. Managing expectation can be understood as an interactive process between person participating in collecting document, maintaining content of expectationand using information to help interaction to be success (Jargon Database 2010). She claims that all you need is to have enough knowledge and experience to explain for client about their situation in order to keep client satisfaction.

Counseling client

Reproduced from ConnXN 2011: Let me tell you

Reproduced from ConnXN 2011: Let me tell you

People, who work on service, have to equip skills, knowledge and experience to consult for clients when they misunderstand or go wrong way”, said Chuyen.

Counseling client is a based skill for every person work at service department. Sometimes,client makes a plan and wants you to work on it but they do not know there are some details cannot be applied for their product or it is not suitable for Vietnamese market. “They need you” to give them advices because foreign companies may not understand the Vietnamese market as well as Vietnamese laws so you should show clients what the plan should be and the methods which clients should use to PR. However, it does not always run smoothly that clients can get your point for the first time. You have to explain to them why this tactic cannot apply and why another can.Moreover, you should take the evident to prove for what you are saying. Furthermore, in the process of counseling client, you can realize what client is expecting and make sure you understand it fully before you start to work on project (Hanna 2011).

Ms. Chuyen added that we will follow the desire of the client but in the best way. We do not follow exactly what client tells us to do, we have to consider and select the methods or ideas depending on each case. Finding information and giving anticipation about anything can happen behind the plan. Ms. Chuyen gave the example of event she didbefore that her client set up the day of event is the same with the opening day of the exhibition. Unfortunately, two places are too far away from each other and it takes many times for the journalists to reach the event. Therefore, she had to inform to the client that the journalists would be late for the event before the day of event. In addition, this previous estimate help you to know how many journalists, who are invited, will attend and if there is any shortcoming, you still have time to fix.

Understanding client

Reproduced from Sales Cooke 2011:I am listening to you

Reproduced from Sales Cooke 2011:I am listening to you

Understanding client is one of important keys help you to meet client expectation. Understanding client is a process, which you spend your times totalk and to work with them but when you use your observation in a discussion or meeting between you and your client, you can shorten that period time. Ms. Chuyen shared that depend on style working of each client, you should have appropriate working style that is the first step to help you to meet client expectation.

For example, clients, who express their concern too much with you, it means this is kind of client who is worrying and they need assurance from you. You have to explain and show them how everything is going to be done to make them feel comfortable and believe in you. In addition, clients, who care from detail to general, it means this is kind of client who is detailed and meticulous. They will feel discomfort if they find your plan is not clear and do not follow what you said before. Moreover, they are ready to get up – set and refuse working with your company although nothing is major. On the other hand, many clients are very friendly, pleasant and look at the general criteria rather than detailing everything. You may find it is easy to “breath” but it does not mean you can work perfunctorily.

We can understand clients through communication. When you understand client, you can understand what they are worrying, listen to them and answer their questions anytime they call you”, said Chuyen. Giving client the chance to show their ideas, ask client questions and receive feed back from them to make sure the balance between what you have to do and what you want to do on project (Hanna 2011).

“Setting a goal but having to archive more than that”

Reproduced from Small Business Trends 2011:This is my goal

Reproduced from Small Business Trends 2011:This is my goal

Ms. Chuyen shared her experience that she often sets a goal for her working but she will get the result higher than that. Setting a goal help you to know the standard of work you have to achieve to meet client expectation. You should put yourself in the role of the client to think about what your client expect. You have the goal and you need to get the result higher than your goal you have set. That helps you meet client expectation from happy to very happy.

After all, Ms. Chuyen also shared a client management need to have extensive knowledge and sophistication to help client market integration and give advice to client when they need. If the project is success, you can have strong relationship and create trust from your client. Ms. Chuyen provided many useful tips to help people, who will work as a client management, are success in the future.

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  1. Hi Giang, like most of your fellow blogger the only major comment to make in your article is the lack of a personal voice/ opinion. ~Mel C

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