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As mid semester rolls along to signal the last half of our semester together in client management please don’t forget that “the early bird catches the worm.” It is never too early to think about the last assessment for the course. I invite you to post a reply to this entry indicating the following information.

Name of interviewee, company/ agency, topic and perspective of the article (client or agency perspective).

Please re-visit the blog regularly to see what your classmates have posted to avoid repeating/ replicating interview subjects. Topics can be duplicated but interview subjects will have to be on a first “reserved” basis.

[Thanks to Tu for this suggestion]

~Mel C

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32 thoughts on “Interview List

  1. Cao Kim Sang on said:


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    Sale what they want

    “Sometimes sales people give their clients a menu with many dishes and make them become very confused in choosing. Then, the clients think that the agencies do not really know what they need”

    Few days ago, I had an interesting conversation with Ms. Thanh Nguyen- Business Director of MediaCom Vietnam. MediaCom is a media communication agency which helps the clients to connect with their consumers through advanced and traditional channels. Ms. Thanh has eleven-year experiences in the communication industry and more than two years in MediaCom Vietnam. She used to work with big clients such as P&G, Shell, Gilette, Dell and so on.
    As a Business Director, her main responsibility is to sale her agency’s products as much as possible. Fortunately, she told me that she just had a Selling course during eight weeks in Singapore and then, she shared what she learnt and her real experiences about selling skills to me as well as the readers who are reading this article.
    I hope that the experiences are helpful and prepare for us – students in client management course, who will graduate and will work in communication industry in early future.

    Selling is a three-step process including pre-sales, actual sales, and post- sales.

    Preparing before meeting the clients
    Pre-sales is the primary step that prepare for the whole selling process. Ms. Thanh stated that there are three kinds of clients consisting of potential clients, global clients, old clients and she has different strategies to deal with them. The potential clients can be recognized through social network sites (LinkedIn, business forum, etc), and from research companies. They are the one who spend a lot of money for advertising. As MediaCom is a global agency with a large network in the world, MediaCom Vietnam usually receive many projects from global clients who want to choose a local agency to run their projects. The old clients are created by the post-sales strategies that will be mentioned below.

    “In the pre-sales step, the sales people become detectives”
    The client’s information as well as their consumer’s trends can be investigated through agency sources, and statistics from research companies. Moreover, they need to find out the objectives and products that the clients want to advertise. Their portfolio will provide this information and help you- the sales people to determine the client’ position in the market. Then, by browsing client’s websites, asking people in marketer’s community and networking, you can understand the client’s wants and needs (Ndiweni 2010).
    Next, to compete with other agencies, you have to research about their competitors. For example, you need to know which agencies currently work with this client and what its strengths and weaknesses are to create a suitable strategy to fight with it.
    Before going to the meeting with the clients, you should practice for presentation and prepare some scenarios for unpredictable situations.
    Successful meeting
    “Content contributes to 90% of successful presentation and the other thing is how you make it become interesting”
    At the beginning of the meeting, you should show the interesting about the products as well as categories that belong to the clients to warm up the conversation.
    Dr. Jack Singer (2010) suggests T.R.I.U.M.P.H.S model that provides to you many high applicable tips, especially right behaviors in the meeting with the clients. However, the most important thing is listening carefully to the clients to understand what they want. I told her a brief summary of this model and ask her whether it is enough to secure a contract. Her answer is “No”. She thinks that content is the most important element that lead to a successful contract.
    Then, she also supplemented some tips. As I mentioned above, you have to prepare some scenarios for unexpected cases. Through the way you answer the client’ questions, they can know how large your knowledge is, and how much you research about the client’s needs and wants. If the clients ask difficult questions that you cannot answer immediately, you should show their appreciation first and then promise to respond these questions as soon as possible.
    After that, I ask her “What do you do if the client asks your agency to organize a big campaign with limited budget that is not enough to do?”. She answered that you need to analyze the pros and cons with this limited budget. Moreover, you can show the clients some optional budgets. For example, with the expensive package, what they will achieve; whereas they will lose something if they choose the cheap one. She also advised me that how the agencies make the clients to pay more during the project. It is like they “threaten” the clients. You show the important points, opportunity if they accept to pay more and threads if they do not. In addition, if they do not hire your agency and do it by itself, its plans cannot go to the right track and do not have creative ideas. However, both sides should try to keep win-win situation.
    After dealing, the clients usually do not confirm immediately, they need time to consider and you do not have to ask an agreement recently (Miller 2008).
    Client retention
    “Winning the contract is not the end of the process, it is more than that”
    After sales the ideas, the agencies should keep tracking with the projects. Sometimes make appointments with the clients to ask them about the projects and listen to their feedbacks or ideas. However, if the people in client’s side are new, it is hard to have a meeting because they might feel annoyed. To avoid this situation, she suggested that you should build large network. In addition, to build a long term relationship with the clients, you can invite them to agency birthday events, thank you parties, or send e-card, SMS to the key people in client’s companies for special occasions such as birthday or festivals. This will show that how much the agencies care for the clients.

    I hope that Ms. Thanh provides to you an overview of selling process and many useful and high applicable tips that prepare to you in future career. In summary, as a client manager, four tips that you need to remember are research deeply about your clients, listening carefully the needs and wants of the clients as well as understanding their problems, creating a large network, and finally, serving them after sales.

    Author: Nguyen Thi Thu Ha- S3343743
    Word count: 1061
    Miller, J 2008, ‘Be sure your selling skills are well developed’, Managed Healthcare Executive, 15 Mar, p.2.
    Ndiweni, M 2010, ‘Meeting your client for the first time’, Smashing Magazine, 13 April, viewed 16 August 2012, .
    Singer, J 2010, ‘Consistently Perform Your Sales Competitors: Add the Sales TRIUMPHS Model to your Selling Skills repertoire’, The Business Link, August 2010, p.2.

    ts here… (optional)

  3. Nguyen Quang Tan on said:

    (just test) Interviewee : Ms. Tran Nha Trang, Account Manager in Notch

  4. Hi Mel,
    Wow bit of a late post on my behalf, but my interviewee is Mr. Binh Le, owner and managing director of Echo Group, an IMC agency in HCMC.

    I’m going to look at the topic of effective pitching and client acquisition, from the perspective of a small-scale and relatively new agency.
    I’m also going to combine this with the matter of trust, to discover how a start-up agency can gain client trust to compete with agencies already established in the industry.

  5. lephamhatrang on said:

    Hi Mel!

    My interviewee is Ms. Nguyen Dieu Ngoc, Research Executive of VMIS company (Vietnam Market Intelligence and Services) and the topic is about client’s expectation. The interview is conducted from agency’s side.

  6. Doan Nguyen Lam Phuc on said:

    Hi Mel,

    My interviewee is Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Toai, the Chief Editor of Lifestyle magazine. The interview will be about Emotional Quotient the agency’s perspective.

    • Hmmm… he is not an employee at an ad agency but a Lifestyle Magazine Editor… so why not talk about two of the more interesting personality traits we identified in the client service manifesto in Week 1?

      Revisit the client service manifesto personality traits/ ‘Others’:

      1) Keeping up-to-date with new places to go, etc.
      2) and Presentable appearance.

      These could be a better fit to your interviewee’s expertise.

  7. Hi Mel,

    My topic is Organizational Culture and I’ve had an interview with Ms. Tran Thuy Xuan Thao-PR Coordinator from Scarlet Communications.

  8. Dear Mel,
    I am going to interview Mr. Pham Hai Van, general director of Wipro Unza Vietnam. The topic would be client-agency’s ideal relationship.

  9. Anonymous on said:

    Hi Mel C,
    My topic is “If clients are always right, you are in big trouble” and I will interview Ms. Nguyen Thuy Bich Thao, HB2B Marketing Executive.

  10. Ok guys, your interview topics and subjects are ok. Note to all- Thuan just informed me that she is no longer interviewing Ms. Kate.

  11. Hi Mel,
    I will interview Ms. Thanh Nguyen, Business Director of Mediacom and my topic is about selling skills

  12. TrucDo on said:

    Hi Mel,
    My interviewee is Ms Tran Minh Chuyen, the Client Service Director of Matterhorn Communications. My topic is issues which can happen and affect the agency- client relationship and how to avoid them to achieve the sucessful agreement between both side. That’s basic information about my interviewee and my topic for assessment 3.

  13. Hi Mel,

    I will be interviewing Mr. Joe Teoh, Associate Creative Director at Cheil Worldwide.

    I have not really finalized on the key question but my topic will be related to how to build client’s trust in advertising agency.

  14. Hi Mel
    My interviewee is Ho Kwang Kit, Deneral Director.
    Mosfly Vietnam Chemical Joint Venture Company
    My topic is cracking into well-guarded market
    Client perspective.

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