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La Vinh Mau – Do not lose yourself in doing business

That is a sharing of Mr. La Vinh Mau – General Director of Minh Tuong Paint Company, a talented, sophisticated entrepreneur with great passion for arts.

When asking about his business, Mr. La flashed his bright smile when sharing “the fact that I do not want to talk much about work. You are good, there’s someone better than you out there. You success, there’s surely a more successful people than you. I talk about my life’s work, some people like, some people do not. In this difficulty economy, maintain a normal work during this time was a success.”

     Although Minh Tuong Paint Company has been established from2002, La Vinh Mau has more than 25 years’ experience in doing his business and of course, with a large amount of clients, Minh Tuong Paint had become one of the pioneers on importing paint products for industry purposes which has long been dependent on foreign company technologies.  Besides, the success of Minh Tuong today can be seen as a result from the “harmony” of Mr. La and his wife. While he takes over the technical problems and production, his wife assumes sales business. Their combination seems to not only success in doing business but also in the real life as husband and wife. Some of Mr.La’s friends said that “his fidelity to his wife seem to make much more girl want to pursue him.”

About the headline, there’s absolutely a connection with this article. With more than 25 years working and dealing with clients, La Vinh Mau absolutely met some of beautiful girls as his clients. When asking about has he ever fall in love with one of them, La Vinh Mau shared “I’m a man, so, when looking at a beautiful girl, I will absolutely be attracted. But one thing for sure, I can realize what is this limit. I mean sometimes I meet someone, I think I really like them, but I will wonder that whether they are try to get a relationship with me for doing business or they really want me,” La Vinh Mau laughed so much when sharing his experience about what they call “love in business” nowadays.

“Almost faults in business have a little bit influences from women,” said Mr.La. As many people recognize that work and love are two separate things in life. But in the workplace, few people build personal relationships with clients which breach the ethics and causes some impacts to common tasks and vice versa. “When doing business, the join of love can lead to some unexpected results. Actually in my life, I have never been in this difficult situation but some of my friends do. The worst result of this action might be the wrong decision because at this time, your decision has been made by your feeling, not by your mind.” said Mr. La.

Mr. La has shared some of his experiences that nowadays in entrepreneurship; the powerful people might be the one who can decide whether your works will success or not. They use money for doing two main things: to PR for their brand and to enjoy life by some bad actions (which means, some people do business by illegal way, they get a success by using their beauty). And because it happens a lot in the society, so it leads to the wrong perception from the people around us about business. Not everyone do this for getting the success of their work. “Of course, there’s exception, love actually incurred in the process of working but I think it’s rarely happen,” Mr. La laughed.

“One of the reasons that I try to avoid this in my work is because an image of a director is very important. My image is my company’s image as well. If the one who represent for all employees’ interest has a bad image, it also means that I lose their trust. As you know, trust is the most important foundation for every relationship. Once it broke, it will be hard to recreate it. Therefore, my decisions should base on the benefits of a company,” La Vinh Mau spoke with pride when sharing his experience in dealing with difficult situations.

He’s also give some advices for the young generation today that the success built base on your own ability will stay longer than the one which grown by illegal action. “You are young and enthusiastic, some challenges or failures will make your life more interesting than ever. Remember, no one can force you to do anything, it is your own decisions. Don’t lose yourself in doing business,” La Vinh Mau shared.

Another advice came from Mr. La is about how to maintain the relationship with your client. As he continued, “with every client, you should try to find something unique from them in order to remember exactly who they are. In your career, you will meet many people, some of them will cooperate with you for a short time, and the other will do in long term work. Therefore, in every relationship, no matter it is new or old; it should be respect as their support.”

When talking about his life, Mr.La has shared that “entrepreneur is the loneliest people in the word”. The idea is that in doing business, sometimes it’s hard to have secrets revealed. “Even though I had a successful career, the demand of sharing is always necessary. Sometimes when the loneliness can’t be speaking by words, I go to find arts. With me, art is a timeless share, a friend always on your side. I think people are correlated with the arts. When someone has success in doing their business, it also means that they have an artistic expression,” Mr.La smile when sharing his secret to deal with his busy and stressful schedule. And with Mr. La, playing piano is one of his talent and also the way he uses to release his stress!

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Ho Chi Minh City 10 May 2012

Posted by Tran My Trang


Solomon, R 2008, The art of client service, 2nd edn, Kaplan, New York.


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One thought on “La Vinh Mau – Do not lose yourself in doing business

  1. He must be a very interesting client to have… Good tip on using ‘art’ to balance and de-stress from one’s hectic work schedule. Just to clarify, is this article to further explore Solomon’s Chapter 54? ~Mel C

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